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How I got started

My mom showed me the basic chain and single crochet stitch when I was in elementary school. She was working on a simple blanket at that time. A few years later when I was 11, my parents sent my sister and I to Japan for summer vacation. The last time I had seen my family in Japan was when I was a baby. I don't think my sister ever met them until then.

When we stayed with our uncle, my grandmother was crocheting us a vest. I was really interested in it and watched her. With an audience like me, she decided to teach me how to make sock covers. She even wrote the pattern down. I was so impressed that you can make other things other than a straight single crochet blanket that as soon as I got back to the states, I checked out every crochet book I could find at the library.

Shortly afterward, I decided to try knitting. I checked out knitting books and try to follow along. That was not easy at age 12. So I dropped it for a few years. I can't remember when, but I decided to give it another try. I bought one of those beginner's learn to knit book and this time I understood.

So which do I love better? Neither--because I really enjoy both knitting and crocheting!